1. All In

From the recording All In

- I was in the process of doing this album, and the producers were talking about bringing in investors and writers and the whole thing was just happening so fast. I was driving home from L.A. that night and Rob said, "If we're gonna do this thing we are going to do it our way. We are going to own the music, and you are going to write the music. It's your time to follow your dream, and I'm going ALL IN, baby. Let's do it! I remember saying out loud,"That would make a great song title." - I went home and wrote "ALL IN" in the office, since I didn't have a home studio at the time. It's really a song about taking a risk, and a chance on what you believe in. It's about following your dreams whole heartedly; not half heartedly. It's about being "ALL IN" in everything you do.
I hope you love the song. I know we all have moments in our lives where we have opportunities we can take advantage of; and sometimes we let uncertainty and even fear of the unknown stop us from living up to our full potential and keep us from chasing our dreams. Next time you are faced with a choice like this I encourage you to Believe in yourself, make the risk, it's a chance worth taking; and go "ALL IN".
"Constantly, Believe, You're Beautiful, Dreams, Forever"
-Miranda Rose